Give Water

Giving is simple

Click the GIVE link, decide how much you can give to bring fresh, clean water to those in need, complete the simple and secure electronic form, choose a major credit card, debit card or PayPal and tah-dah: you’ve helped change many lives!

Please Click Here To Give Fresh, Clean Water


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How much to give?

  • $4,500 covers the full costs of a new, fully operational, fresh and clean water well in a Tanzanian village! We’ll even put your name on the wellhead to recognize your amazing contribution.
  • $1,000 pays for all the materials required to drill and place a new well.
  • $500 covers the labor costs to put in a new well.


So how much is enough?

  • Up to you to decide. A lot or a little: we will responsibly use it all. A small monthly, re-occurring gift will in time add up to a whole well, so even $10 or $25 a month using our “hands-free” electronic giving option will make a huge difference.


How else can I raise funds for the TWP?

  • Ask your friends to give to the TWP instead of buying you a birthday present.
  • For Christmas or other celebrations, give a donation to the TWP in the name of the recipient, instead of another pair of socks or a sweater they won’t like!
  • That change rolling around in your cup holder can be taken to the bank, deposited in your account and then send the corresponding amount to the TWP via PayPal.
  • Get creative! Challenge your peers to match your donation amount. Buy some bottled water and sell it at the soccer fields for a premium and explain the TWP while you do. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.


Questions about the TWP?


How much of a gift actually goes to producing a well?

  • Nearly your entire gift. The only paid employees in this project are the local Tanzanians who do the drilling and maintenance. Volunteers who fly to Tanzania do so on their own costs.  We pay some modest website hosting and donation services fees from your donations…that’s about it! You can learn more about our checks and balances in our Accountability and Sustainability section.


Please, give water.