Another New Well Placed By Tanzania Water Project!

On June 27, another new well drilled by the Tanzania Water Project was dedicated and opened to use. We have the generosity of Mary MacGregor of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas (Houston) to thank for this new well in the village of Chamalale. Chamalale has 500 to 750 residents that did not have a fresh source of drinking water. Bishop Valentine Mokiwa blessed the new well and helped officiate the dedication to villagers who were extremely happy. The women of Chamalale waited patiently until Mary MacGregor ceremonially cut the ribbon and turned on the tap for the first time, and then could not stop smiling.

To date, the Tanzania Water Project has brought fresh water to an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 people, but they need your help. After the recent flurry of activity and needed maintenance on the drilling equipment, there’s only enough funds for one or two more new wells in the operating account. One hundred percent of all donated funds go towards clean, fresh water in Tanzania – there are no general or administrative costs and the only expenditures not directly related to drilling have been for some travel to monitor operations. Please consider giving your tax deductible donation today!

The Tanzania Water Project: You donate. We drill. They get clean water. You change lives.