It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

And a pretty tough time to punch in our newest well, #43 at Kikwete Village in the Kisarawe District. But rain or shine, our TWP intrepid drilling team will get the job done! The new well lacks only the wellhead and exterior piping.

We owe so much to our Tanzanian rig crew chief Mahimbo and his team. Drilling in rain and dark really brought up the “messy mud” level significantly. The rains were unceasing and the deep-well rig truck we had rented faced its return date. So that meant we had to get it done regardless the less than perfect conditions. The next day of course brought weather relief finally, but you never know!

Our LS300 rig punched the first 100 meters nicely. But we had to bring in a PAT 301 rig to get down to the proper depth of 145 meters. Our new 8′ borehole is producing 5000 liters per hour of odorless, clear and good to the taste water. The local village will be ecstatic once the taps are open. The TWP funded this well. Therefore all who have given recently can take credit for this latest in a line of 40+ life-changing wells in Tanzania. Give water, change lives!

The PAT 301 rig
Downpipe and gravel at the ready
Drilling pipe.
Drilling away.
Dark and stormy
And wet and messy
and really dirty
The next morning, looks better!
Crew chief Mahimbo surveying the work.