Rejoice! New well #37 Kwasadala is gushing!

Wow, another new Tanzania Water Project well is in! #37 Kwasadala is officially open and gushing a beautiful 5000/liters of water per hour. This well has been on the  planning books for about a year, and brings our count to forty wells placed by the TWP. Kwasadala was funded by the Tanzania Water Project, so, placed without a specific donor. That means that all of you who have given non-dedicated funds to the TWP in the past year probably have a stake in the success of our latest well. THANK YOU! Some wells we place after receipt of a specific donor request. Others, such as Kwasadala, occur when we receive qualified requests from a community in need, and we have accumulated enough donations to fund.

Kwasadala-Makuna village is located in the Kilimanjaro district, where we’ve recently placed other wells. This one was tricky and more difficult than normal, and took 7 straight days of work to complete. Our excellent Rig Crew Leader Mahimbo and his team successfully did all the dirty work. While our handy towable LS 300 drilling rig is up to a lot of challenges, this particular well had such difficult layers of hard rock and boulders that it required the rental of a heavy duty Schramm air compressor drilling rig to complete the borehole. We found success at 102 meters! Villagers report the water as “very good to taste, odorless and clear”. The well will serve the village of 500, plus others in the surrounding area. Thank you agin to all our donors…we can’t change lives through clean, fresh and free water without you!