Being Well Intended Means You Changed The World

The “in a nutshell” short video linked below tells our story. Women in Tanzania spend a majority of their day acquiring water…bad, dirty and dangerous water. They can’t spend enough time with children, homes, meals, gardening, education, health and on and on. When you have to have water to live, if spending 8 or 10 hours a day getting it is what you do. They deal with shortages, disease and death on a frequent basis. But one clean-water well funded by YOU and placed by the TWP can change their world. Being well-intended means changing the entire social and family dynamic for an entire village. Being well intended means your $5000 donation can lift lives in a near-exponential manner. We’ve dramatically changed the lives of over 30,000 Tanzanians so far, through placing 32 wells at no cost to them. Being well intended in a lot other charities implies you meant to do good. Being well intended with the TWP means you changed the world.

Tanzania Water Project 2017 – Medium