What We Are Doing

We’re Being Well Intended Again

Well Alert! Our team from the USA has safely arrived in Dar es Salaam and are preparing to take the rig crew out to drill our, wait for it……twentieth well. Wow, 20 wells. From a dream begun by a plea for help in March 2012, to fresh/clean/safe/free water supplying upwards of 30,000 people in 2016. Thanks be to God, to our team, our donors, our volunteers and our supporters. You really can make a difference in this big ‘ol world!



Completion of New Well at Toangoma

Our team has completed the finishing work from last month’s new well in Toangoma. Now fully operational, with new riser tower, 2000 liter tank, new plumbing runs and a spigot gushing fresh clean Tanzanian water. Well done (pun intended), TWP Team! Supporters, click that blue DONATE button to help get the next well underway, raising $15,000 now to support next 3 efforts.

ToangomaRiser ToangomaPlumbingRun ToangomaPlumber ToangomaWaterFlow ToangomaWaterFlow2 ToangomaWaterFlow3


The Newest TWP Well: Toangoma March 2016

What a blessing our latest new well is! In fairly short order, the TWP was contacted by an interested donor attracted by our website, details of a donation to fully cover a new well were worked out, the new donor flew to Tanzania to witness the well process in person, the well was successfully drilled, and is now producing beautiful clean water. Thanks to this generous donor, our drilling team and those helping in the US and Tanzania, this village has had a positive life-altering change. The TWP @ heart! #tanzaniawaterproject Toa1 Toa2 Toa3 Toa4 Toa5 Toa6


This Saturday! TWP Open House

Please join the Tanzania Water Project this Saturday for our come-and-go Open House.
The “Wells, Water and Wishes” program will provide an update on what we have all accomplished to date, and where we wish to go next.

  • Light appetizers and beverages will be served
  • From 4p-6p, this Saturday, November 8, 2014
  • At 1430 North Mound St, Nacogdoches TX (Christ Church Parish Hall)

Well wishes – The TWP Team



Wells, Water and Wishes: A TWP Open House

Save The Date! If you are in East Texas, please stop by our 1st Open House. Hope to see you there. If you are far and wide…watch our website and Facebook page for materials and photos from the event. Well wishes – The TWP Team



What We are Doing in Tanzania


The TWP is changing lives!  Of entire Tanzanian villages, and their surrounding neighbors.

With the support of your donations and the time and talent of a top-notch team:

  • We are drilling fresh, clean water wells in Tanzania.
  • We use our own drilling rig, a Lone Star LS-300 fully self-contained towable drilling rig that was purchased and shipped from Houston, Texas to Tanzania by the TWP. The LS-300 is perfect for the job, capable of drilling down to 300+ feet in order to reach a clean and sustainable water table, handling sand, clay, soft or hard rock formations.
  • We have trained a crew of local Tanzanians to do the work of site identification, site preparation, drilling and installing the new water pumps. The foreman was flown to Houston, Texas by the TWP to attend a hands-on intensive drilling camp.
  • We have expert volunteers who fly to Tanzania periodically, at their own expense, to assist and support the local Tanzanian crew in their work.
  • We require the local village to participate in the digging, maintenance and support of their well. They sign a legal agreement  to do so.

We are delivering on our promise to provide fresh, clean water to people in dire need. That’s what the TWP is doing!

You can find the most recent pics and updates on wells and progress on our Facebook page.

Where We Are Working


Hardware Store in Dar



When our drill team is in Tanzania and needs an unexpected spare part, this hardware store in Dar is a very welcome sight! Additional upside is you don’t get lost in the aisles hunting for that one bolt…


Looking Back To Look Forward

2013 was quite a year for the TWP!

The TWP drilling rig was successfully shipped to Tanzania. It was received by the Diocese of Dar Es Salaam on May 4th. Our Tanzanian Crew began drilling water wells almost immediately, and has completed seven wells to date, averaging almost 1 new well a month. Our Facebook page was completed in early 2013, and our project’s official website will be online by the end of February, 2014. Our US-based team went to Tanzania to see the drilling operations in person in summer 2013, and will be making another trip in February 2014. The TWP current fundraising focus is on supporting the purchase of new equipment for new wells in 2014, and to replace some worn drilling parts from a well done 2013!


400 Facebook Likes Could Equal 12 New Wells!

A great New Year’s resolution is a WELL-intended monthly donation to the TWP

Its simple; just click the Please Give link above. How much? Our strength is in our unity as a community…if our 400 Likes each pledged just $10 a month…we’d pay for another 12 Wells in 2014 through that alone. Please consider?