On #WorldWaterDay TWP Announces Newest Well, #34 Chamakweza

On a day where the world celebrates the liquid of life, we are delighted to announce that our thirty-fifth well is alive and pumping, #34 Chamakweza. The new well is located in an area populated by Maasai people, who are the recipients of this kind gift from our donors. Of which, the donors came to us from an Irish charity called The Tanzanian Education Project (www.tep.ie). They have been supporting educational efforts there for over 10 years, and had wanted to provide the Maasai people in the region with an additional gift of clean, safe and available water. We began work with TEP in early January, and despite some very tricky drilling (some of our most challenging rock strata to date), we have brought the well in at a depth of 112m. The water is clean and tasteless and plentiful. Because the site is very remote, we are yet to install a riser and holding tank until appropriate security fencing and measures are fully in place, but those are being worked on. We thank the donors TEP, our fabulous Tanzanian well crew led by Mahimbo Mkumbukwa and our supporters and volunteers around the globe for allowing us to continue on our mission! Onward (and yes, we do have plans for #36, #37, #38, #39 and #40 working away!).