Mikocheni School Celebrates Their New Well!

Want to see a bunch of kids happy to be at school? Look no further than the Mikocheni Primary School, Mang’ola Karatu District in the Arusha Region, celebrating new TWP Well #36. This well was donated by the Eisner family, the daughter of whom worked very hard to raise $6500 via a Gofundme effort for her Tanzanian peers after a visit there a few years back. The TWP was thrilled to be able to make the trip out there and place the well. In the pictures, you’ll see the students at Mikocheni School joyfully raising their hands as the well is turned on by Fr. Howard Castleberry (he’s hidden in there somewhere). You’ll also note him wearing a beautiful traditional Maasai blue wrap, a gift from the students at Mikocheni School. The water tower and tank installed by the Tanzania Water Project is in background. So a young American schoolgirl raised the funds to place this well over the course of a couple of years, and now has changed history for hundreds of school kids in this little corner of Tanzania. You can indeed change the world. Won’t you consider a similar effort? #GiveWater #TWP #TanzaniaWaterProject