More Smiles From Our New Well #38 Mto Wa Mbu

We’ll go a lot of miles for this many smiles 🙂 . It’s been a little over a week now since our new well at Children Concern Foundation orphanage came online. Smiles from kids and adults alike are pouring forth just about at the same fast rate as the water from the well. While its many miles, many dollars, a huge amount of work and a good measure of risk…there’s truly nothing that makes it all worth it more than those who have been without, to suddenly be with. Water is life. Thanks to generous donors, a hard-working team in Tanzania, and a good measure of blessings from above, we are able to do this for others. And we’ve got prospect sites galore. Did you know that you can create another similar life-changing experience from a donation of between $5000 and $8000? Give water, give life, give to the Tanzania Water Project!